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the ski pro institute

Elevating Ski Instruction Beyond Certification

The Ski Pro Institute offers a 'zero ceiling' approach to professional growth and development. We believe in a journey that extends far beyond the horizon of standard ski instruction. The goal is to equip ski professionals with advanced techniques and innovative teaching strategies, building a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Whether it's exploring biomechanics, delving into psychological aspects of learning, gaining a better understanding of how to support diverse learners, or harnessing the power of technology in teaching, The Ski Pro Institute offers PSIC members unique opportunities for education and skill development beyond the certification pathway.

The Ski Pro Institute programming is available with a PSIC membership.

webinar: the imperfect advocate - pow canada climate advocacy

Presenter: Dr. Nat Knowles
When: Monday, April 22 (Earth Day!) 5:30m PST
Where: Online

The PSIC and POW Canada have a shared belief that our love of adventure in nature demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it. As a leader in the ski industry, how can you play a part in protecting our mountains and the places we love, and what are the most important things to focus on? Hint: It's all about progress not perfection. 

Dr. Nat Knowles is a climate scientist, wilderness conservationist, and outdoor athlete. Her research focuses on mitigating climate change, managing its inevitable impacts, and using outdoor recreation and tourism for sustainable socio-economic development. She completed a Master of Science on these topics at the University of Oxford and has now also completed her PhD from the University of Waterloo. She was named 2020 UN Young Champion of the Earth Finalist and is a Explorers Club Rolex grant holder. While currently an avid backcountry adventurer, as a former alpine ski racer she won two NCAA National Championships with the University of Denver, and represented Canada at the World Junior Championships and the World University Games.

Nat_Knowles Headshot.jpg

women in the ski instructing world,
specifically big mountain

- a Think Piece by Harriet Parnis

Harriet hails from the surrounds of London and began instructing at Whistler Blackcomb after graduating with a BSc in Psychology in 2008. She continues to work with all ages and abilities in addition to running staff training for "steeps" ski and teach development. With her experience, Harriet's been a great asset on the PSIC team putting together the new Big Mountain Pathway. Harriet hopes to evoke thought and discussion around the role women play in the ski instructing world.


Webinar: positive psychology

Presenter: Derek Tate
When: Thursday, January 25 3pm PST
Where: ZOOM

Derek is an author, coach and teacher. He has been teaching skiing for over 38 years and during that time has worked with all ages and abilities. Derek has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and will be sharing how Positive Psychology can help you as a ski instructor and your life in general.

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