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frequently asked questions


Is the PSIC an association or a corporation?
It is a start-up corporation – designed to be lean, nimble, progressive and focused on training excellence (superior training for ski professionals which has a direct correlation to Snow School business success).


You’ve said you are “industry-driven” – who are you referring to and what does that mean?

  • The PSIC believes a strong link to ski area operators (Snow Schools) is integral to improving the sustainability of the profession. 

  • The PSIC curriculum is being designed in collaboration with operators and will address desired competencies and the need for real world skills (e.g. risk mitigation, decision making, understanding the overall skier experience.) 

  • An Industry Steering Committee has been formed who will guide and shape the competencies taught within the PSIC educational pathway. Ski areas who partner with the PSIC will be allocated a seat on the Industry Steering Committee.

Is the PSIC national or provincial? Will you operate in Quebec?

  • The PSIC will operate nationally, and will have Snow Schools from across Canada, from small to large, represented in our inaugural season. 

  • The PSIC respects both official languages of Canada, and believes that programming in Quebec needs to be developed from a francophone first perspective. This is a priority and will be addressed as soon as possible.


What insurance does the PSIC carry?

The PSIC has Commercial General Liability which includes a $10 million limit of liability. The Commercial General Liability insurance offers protection against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage related to PSIC operations. It covers not only the PSIC as an organization but also extends to our employees, contractors, and volunteers when acting within their roles for the PSIC. 


Is this an officially recognized certification body by the Government of Canada?
The Government of Canada does not regulate or govern ski instruction bodies in Canada, like Alpine Canada or Swim Canada. In essence, that authority is by the ski area operators.


Do you envision ski areas having a combination of CSIA or PSIC certified instructors, or is the vision to encourage ski schools to fully adopt one certification pathway?

The PSIC believes in a market where healthy competition drives innovation and offers the best outcomes for the industry. The intent is not to displace anyone but provide options to both the industry and the ski instructor community.

What distinguishes the PSIC from the CSIA? What’s new?

  • Deep collaboration with industry is a cornerstone of the PSIC philosophy. There is a desire by ski operators to have specific competencies in their instructors. 

  • The PSIC has developed a unique training & education system called The Method, which adds a new layer of training to support the importance of the skier experience.

  • The PSIC’s Ski Pro Institute is a division for higher learning. Amongst other things, it will offer PSIC members training & education from global thought leaders and experts in their field.

Read our Foundational Documents.



What certification programs do you offer?
Stages of instructor certification include four levels, which correlate to increasing skiing and teaching competency.

  • Professional Instructor L1 – L4 

  • Licensed Professional Trainer L1 - L4

See Certification Pathway.


What is your training approach?
Our specialized ski professional training system, called The Method, encompasses three categories of competencies: 

  • Skiing – foundational understanding of the sport, including the physics of skiing, and the two core concepts of force and balance. 

  • Teaching – a learning science driven methodology to teaching that incorporates the study of expertise and expert performance. 

  • Adventure – development of professional and leadership skills required to facilitate a safe and fun skier experience for all lesson participants. The overall approach is student-centered and evidence-informed.

The overall approach is student-centered and evidence-informed.


Do you recognize CSIA qualifications? Can I work for both the PSIC and the CSIA?

  • Yes & Yes! We value and respect all domestic and international peer training organizations. 

  • We recognize all other instructor qualifications (CSIA, PSIA, APSI, BASI, etc.) and information on crossover mapping is provided in our Equivalency section. When registering for courses, members will submit proof of certification from their previous credentials. See instructions for uploading certification.

  • There will be online modules that will be a requirement for PSIC certification at all levels, regardless of existing certification. 

  • The decision to recognize one system or both ultimately belongs to each ski area.

Will you be implementing a trainer/course conductor exclusivity clause similar to the CSIA?

No. The PSIC believes such a policy would not only be incompatible with our values but also detrimental to the industry as a whole. We believe in:

Commitment to Inclusivity: Exclusivity directly opposes our foundational values.  Our mission is to promote inclusivity and uplift the professional development of ski professionals, ensuring a thriving industry.
Industry Partnership: Our goal is to collaborate with and support the industry, not to impose restrictions. Exclusivity undermines this collaborative spirit.
Unlimited Learning Opportunities: Constraining ski instructors' avenues for education hampers their growth. We encourage instructors and trainers to seek comprehensive training, even beyond the scope of the PSIC.
Rejecting Intimidation: The use of threats or intimidation against course conductors is unacceptable and goes against our principles of respect and collaboration.
Zero-Tolerance Against Discrimination: Endorsing exclusive rights for a single group over others is discriminatory and perpetuates inequity. Such an approach should never be entertained.

When will the program launch and courses be available?

  • The program will launch this 2023/24 winter season and we will be on the snow in November when resorts open.

  • Memberships are now available. A preliminary course schedule is online, with additional courses still to be added. Courses will be available to book soon.


What is the SnowReg platform used for?
SnowReg is our trusted booking engine for all PSIC memberships and course registrations, streamlining your experience with an easy-to-use interface and secure processing.


How do I create an account on SnowReg?
To register for courses or membership, you'll need to create a SnowReg account


  • Existing User: You may have previously used the SnowReg Platform to register for alpine, freestyle or snowboard memberships, in which case you should proceed by logging into your existing SnowReg user account.

  • New User: If it is your first time using SnowReg, simply create a new account.


I’m having trouble booking a course on SnowReg. What should I do?
If you're encountering issues:

  • Ensure your browser is up to date, as SnowReg works best with the latest versions.

  • Clear your browser cache, as old data can sometimes cause problems.

  • Try a different browser or device if the problem persists.

  • Contact us with a description of the issue, and we'll assist you promptly.


Can I register for multiple courses and memberships at once on SnowReg?
Yes, SnowReg allows for the booking of multiple courses and the renewal or initiation of memberships in a single transaction for your convenience. You may be asked for additional profile information and/or waiver approvals depending on the products you are purchasing.


How can I confirm my SnowReg booking is successful?
After completing a booking, you'll receive a confirmation email. Please check your junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox. You can also log in to your SnowReg account to view your booking history. 


Is my personal information secure on SnowReg?
Your security is our priority. SnowReg employs robust encryption and security measures to ensure that your personal and payment information is protected.


Can I update my registration details on SnowReg after booking?
Yes, you can login to your account to update your personal information or view the details of your booking. If you need to make changes or cancel, view our cancellation policy.

How do I upload my certification credentials for crossover equivalency?
You can upload a digital copy of your existing certification during the registration process or by updating your profile at any time. Follow these instructions.


Why am I being charged taxes and additional fees on top of the course price?

  • Our course prices, as listed, do not include provincial taxes (GST or HST) which are applicable in Canada. 

  • Additionally, there are credit card and financial processing fees that we incur for transactions. We strive to keep these additional costs as low as possible and they are clearly itemized at checkout, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for.


How do I get my PSIC membership card?

Membership cards can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your mobile device. Links for this were provided in your membership purchase confirmation email, but this can also be accessed in your SnowReg account by following these steps:

  1. Login to your SnowReg account from a mobile device.

  2. From the “Memberships, Licenses & Certifications” page in the left navigation, click on your PSIC Membership.

  3. Scroll down to Membership Card Details and choose “Save to Apple Wallet” or “Save to Google Pay”. 

  4. To include a photo on your membership card, ensure a photo has been uploaded in the “Your Photo” section of the same page.

Upon course completion where do I find my course evaluation form and/or certificate?

Once you complete a course, your trainer will submit your evaluation form in SnowReg. Your results and feedback can be accessed via the Course Records menu in your profile. If you have successful passed all required courses to achieve a PSIC certification Level, your certificate is accessible under the My Profile section in SnowReg. Please follow these instructions to access your evaluation or your downloadable PDF certificate.  

How do I access the Level 1 e-Learning module in advance of my course?

There is an e-Learning component to the Level 1 course which should be completed in advance of Day 1 on snow. It should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. To access the Level 1 e-Learning, follow these instructions


Life happens, and sometimes plans change—we get it. If you need to cancel or transfer your course registration, please reach out to us in writing via email. Give us a couple of business days, and we'll get your request sorted.


Cancellation Terms:

  • Up to 14 days before the course starts: We can refund 75% of your registration fee.

  • Within 14 days of the start day: We'll refund 50% of your fee.

  • No-show: We miss you, but we can't offer a refund.


Transfer Terms:

  • We’ll always try to accommodate transfer requests for our courses. Please note that each transfer incurs a $40 administrative fee per course. 

  • Transfers depend on available space, and any difference in course price will need to be covered by you.

  • We can only transfer enrollments within the same season.

  • If we're unable to transfer you to another course, our cancellation policy will apply.


For cancellations or transfers due to medical reasons, we'll take a look at your situation individually—just provide a medical note.


Cancellation Insurance Option:

For your convenience, we offer optional cancellation insurance through a partnership with SnowReg and Refund Protect. This additional coverage is available during the booking process, providing you with flexibility and protection against unexpected changes to your course attendance.


If we have to cancel a course for any reason, we'll fully refund your registration fee and apologize for the inconvenience, but we can't cover other expenses you might have incurred.


All our courses have limited spots and might fill up quickly, so we can't guarantee a place if it’s already full. If that's the case, we'll offer to put you on a waiting list.


We hope you never have to use this policy, but if you do, we aim to make it as painless as possible.

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