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Partnerships are all about teaming up to do amazing things. We combine our strengths and know-how, supporting each other every step of the way. Our partners are a big part of this adventure, and we're excited to show them off right here. If you're interested in partnering with the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada, reach out to us at

pow canada

The PSIC partners with Protect Our Winters Canada making climate action a priority. We believe our love of adventure in nature demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it. Protect Our Winters Canada is the leading organisation in Canada that unites a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands to advocate for policy solutions to climate change.



Here is how we as PSIC members can help – the first step is adding our individual voices. Fight climate change with your e-mail and sign up to become a POW member, it’s free and signing up makes a huge impact. 



POWer in numbers!



national organizations

Certification through the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada is widely recognized across the globe. While the crossover equivalency process may differ from one national organization to another, the PSIC has successfully established agreements with key international partners. The spirit of these agreements is to enable instructors certified by recognized organizations to participate in PSIC programs at their existing certification level, and vice versa. 

We are thrilled to partner with the Professional Ski Instructors of Europe (PSIE) who are licensing the training, education and certification platform of the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada. The PSIE is designed to complement the excellent offerings provided by other peer training and certification bodies by expanding the resources and opportunities available to ski professionals. They are set to launch in Autumn 2024. 


Full-Service & GAP Operators

Experience the winter season of a lifetime. The PSIC partners with several full service operators and GAP providers for adventures that blend professional ski instructor certification with unforgettable experiences.

EA Ski & Snowboard Training

On a ski instructor internship course with EA, you will receive expert ski training, gain your Level 1 PSIC ski instructor qualification, and get a guaranteed paid job offer with the ski school of your choice. A great way to launch your career as a ski instructor.

All Tracks Academy_edited.jpg

All Tracks Academy ski instructor courses are an ideal way to spend a rewarding career break or gap year to kick start a career in snowsports. Earn PSIC ski instructor qualifications whilst taking your own skiing to the next level with the ultimate ski instructor training courses.


Snowminds offers the opportunity to become a PSIC certified ski instructor in Canada with work for a full season. Job guarantee, transport, training, education, friends for life and more. 

member pro deal partners

Thank you to the following partners for gearing up our members for adventure! Details on pro deals and discounts for PSIC members, and how to access, is provided to members via email. 

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Association affiliations

The PSIC is a proud partner with several Canadian ski industry associations. 

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